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The 2018 12 Hours of Sebring that Wasn't

March 10, 2018

It was an event that will never show up in iRacing's team statistics search but it did happen.  The 2018 running of the 12 Hours of Sebring started out with a Skid Mark Motorsports entry in the first of two race sessions in a Mercedes AMG piloted by Jeff Vandervort, Scotty Johnson and Mick Sloane.  The team started out last on the field in 20th position in class.  The drivers slowly made their way forward for the first half of the race and were able to make it to 10th place.  Early on after a driver swap the car got loose in front of the Daytona Prototype that ended up making contact in the right rear spinning the car off track into the tire barrier.  After taking a 10 minute repair the team returned to the track in 15th and ended up finishing in 14th. 

During some splits of the race iRacing started having issues with cars being dropped and drivers not being allowed in the session.  Because of this with 1 hour remaining in the race they decided to cancel the event.  This kept the teams Daytona Prototype in the garage never to see the track after hours of testing.  Since the 2nd event was cancelled and the first event having issues, iRacing removed all traces of the event from the system. 

2018 24 Hours of Daytona

January 20, 2018

The 2018 24 Hours of Daytona is in the books.  The Fresh Sport Athlete Care sponsored Ferrari GT3 was the sole entry for Skid Mark Motorsports this year for the first endurance race of the 2018 season.  The team was put to the test this year competing in the slowest class of cars this year and having to constantly be looking in the rear view mirror for overly aggressive overtakes by the faster class drivers.  The team started out in 17th position and in the early hours of the race had climbed to 5th.  As the hours passed the car would be spun several times into the tire barrier only to bounce back after a brief stop on pit road and push on.  The car never blew an engine but did suffer some aero damage that affected top speed for the second half of the race.  The team battled to hang onto a 10th place finish in class.  It was a great race by team drivers Bart Worman, Pete Costanzp, Tom Vanasse, Matt Gelder and Scotty Johnson.

Skid Mark Motorsports Takes 2nd in Champion Motorsports Ricmotech Challenge Team Points

November 03, 2017

Skid Mark Motorsports finished their second season in the Champion Motorsports league with a 2nd place finish.  One spot higher than they finished last season.  This season had its own challenges with the series running multi-class cars.  Scotty Johnson, Bart Workman and Matthew Overton competed in the Porsche 911 while Andrew Horsley and Roderik Wittenberg ran the Ferrari GTE. 

Bark Workman was able to take first place in the GTC class with Scotty Johnson getting a podium finish in 3rd. 

2017 Bathurst 1000

October 14, 2017

Skid Mark Motorsports made its first entry into the Bathurst 1000 this weekend.  Bart Worman and Scotty Johnson piloted the Becida Bar & Grill Holden Commodore V8 super car.  They started the race from pit lane to avoid any issues that may arise the first lap up Mount Pandora.  Doing this put the team in last position.  Due to some steady driving the duo climbed from 34th up to 8th before Johnson slid the car through turn 2 on the last lap of his fuel run over heating the tires.  Unfortunately the angry tires lost grip 4 turns later resulting in contact with the right side wall and the car requiring 9 minutes of repairs.  After returning to the track the Becida Bar & Grill Holden was 6 seconds a lap slower than it's previous output and the team ended up finishing in 14th position.  This was the final event of the 2017 endurance season.

500 km of Road America New to the Endurance Schedule

August 20, 2017       iRacing added a new race to the 2017 endurance schedule, 500 km of Road America.  While the track was well known to the team the Audi 90 and Nissan GTP were not.  With a short window for race preparation following the Watkins Glen race Skid Mark Motorsports prepared 1 car for the event.  Bart Workman and Scott Johnson would enter their Nissan GTP as a two driver entry in the first race.  While cars fell by the wayside as drivers crashed in the early laps of the 2.5 hour event, the Skid Mark Motorsports team drove through it all.  With a 43 car field the team started 12th and finish 13th while having to make a short stop for some minor body damage.


The following day Scott Johnson made a solo entry in the teams Nissan.  Due to missing qualifying he made the grid in 32nd position in a 46 car field.  After his 2.5 hour endurance run he was able to reach 11th position by the checkered flag. 


It was a good race weekend for the small team that was able to make 2 decent finishes in the vintage turbo race car.   The team is finally able to take a little breather as they prepare their cars for the 10 hour Petit LeMans race at Road Atlanta at the end of September.

The Glen No Match for Skid Mark Motorsports

August 6, 2017    The 2017 running of iRacing's 6 Hrs at the Glen fielded the largest number of Skid Mark Motorsports entries to date.  The team participated in 8 races over the weekend in their Ferrari's and Mercedes.  Toby Plevey and Mick Sloane were able to reach podium finishes in both of their races with a 3rd place finish and a 2nd place finish in their AMG Mercedes in the GT3 class.  Roderik Wittenberg took his Ferrari teamed up with Mike Szymanski to a 4th place finish in class and with Mitch Carr for a 3rd place finish in class in their 2 races.


Other strong races were had by Bart Workman and Tom Vanasse as they drove their Ferrari from 42nd to 11th in their race while Vanasse partnered up with Scott Johnson in the Ferrari and made a run from 43rd up to 14th in class in a race the day prior.  Steven Burbage made his endurance racing debut in the Ferrari with Scott Johnson where the two battled from a 27th place starting position to a 16th place finish.  Great races by all drivers and energy pulses through the team as they continue to get closer to their first endurance race victory.

Steady Run at the 2017 24 Hrs of Le Mans

July 9, 2017   It was a nice steady run for the Skid Mark Motorsports endurance team at the 24 Hrs of LeMans.   The team finished 12th in class and 12th overall as this years race did not have any HPDs running so it was all about the GTE class.  The team had the setup for the Aston Martin all ready to go when iRacing decided to remove the car from competition and force the team to change cars.  With 4 days until race start the team put in hours of test driving to ready their new Ferrari.  Another change for the team was the addition of 4 new drivers.  Running with a team of 6 drivers they all put in steady runs during the race without major incident.  With positions ranging from 28th to 7th they all ran a clean race to secure their 12th place finish.  It was a great run by all.

2017 Indy 500 is a Wrap

May 29, 2017   Skid Mark Motorsports fielded several cars in this years Indy 500.  Unfortunately several cars were retired early from competition at the Brickyard due to being caught up in carnage from other cars.  Bart Workman was able to battle on and finish a strong 7th place and Scott Johnson limped his car home for a 9th place finish due to some damage suffered from making contact with the outside wall 3/4 the way through the race.  The Indy cars are being parked and the team rolls on to their next team event at Le Mans.

2017 Nurburgring 24

Yesterday(April 23rd, 2017) marked the end of the 2017  Nurburgring 24.  Located in the Eifel Mountains near Nurburg, Germany this 15.77 mile long track required patience and nerves of steel to be able to last 24 hours.  Skid Mark Motorsports was unable to field a car at this years event so team manager, Scott Johnson, was sent to Germany to run with Team Half Fast as their 3rd driver.  The team elected to start in the back of the field to try and avoid any first lap issues that may develop in the field.  They ended up starting dead last in 58th position overall and finished 16th overall and 12th in class by the end of the 24 hours. The event took a lot out of the drivers during each stint in the car.  Now it is back the U.S. for prepare for the Indianapolis 500.

2017 12 Hours of Sebring

Yesterday (March 11, 2017) the Skid Mark Motorsports team finished an excellent run at the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance event at Sebring, FL.    Pete Costanzo, Toby Plevey, Scott Johnson and Bart Workman were the drivers for this years event.  After a long 12 hour race they brought The Becida Bar and Grill CR7 Daytona Prototype across the line for a second place finish. It was a great run by the entire team.  They battled for 1st place for almost 4 hours until needing to pit for some minimal repairs due to an inattentive GT3 driver that caused contact with the wall.  For the last hour Bart Workman held off a hard charging 3rd place car and finished 8 seconds ahead of them.  Best finish to date for the 2 year old team.

Skid Mark Motorsports Finishes 3rd in Champion Motorsports GT3 League

March 2, 2017     The Skid Mark Motorsports team finished 3rd in team points in their first year running the Champion Motorsports GT3 league.  This was a great finish for the small team since both drivers were in the Gentlemen class with no driver representation in the upper to classes to help accumulate points.  Bart Workman ended up finishing 3rd and Scotty Johnson 4th in points for their class.

2017 24 Hrs of Daytona

Skid Mark Motorsports competed in the 2017 running of the 24 Hours of Daytona (January 21, 2017).  Pete Costanzo, Scott Johnson, Toby Plevey and Bart Workman were the team drivers in this years event.  They survived several iracing purges, close calls, crazy drivers and 23 hours. They started 18th and worked their way up to 5th position before a freak rear suspension break ended their race just 1 hour from the finish. The team ended up finishing 17th.  Toby Plevey provided a new feature for the team this year by broadcasting a live twitch feed during the race that received great reviews from fans that were able to view the race.  The team felt what it was like to be in reach of a top 5 finish.  They will continue to push for one at the next race in Sebring,  Fl.

2016 Petit Le Mans

Sunday (09/18/2016) brought the end of the 2016 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta.  This year Skid Mark Motorsports entered 2 cars into the event.  Scotty Johnson and Toby Plevey piloted the #15 Becida Bar & Grill Mercedes AMG GT3 while Pete Costanzo, Bart Workman and Ken Ferebee drove the #07 Becida Bar & Grill Mercedes AMG GT3.  Both cars had a good start with the #15 making up a number of spots before an out of control car ended their race in the final chicane.  Toby handed the car over to Scotty at the first pit stop with the car having to return to pit lane just 10 laps later due to a refueling problem which left the car low on fuel. After getting back on track the team pushed up to 11th position.  After the next driver change Plevey continued to climb up to 6th position when on his in lap came into contact with a back marker in the right hand corner between T2 & T3.  The car was sent into the pits for repairs that set them back a bit.  The team continued to push on after repairs with a badly damaged car only to have the engine let go at the half way point of the race.  After the engine swap Toby headed back out on track but was met with disaster again as 5 laps later he found himself heading backwards into the same wall that had caused the problems earlier.  For the 3rd time in the race the car was parked for repairs.  After the repairs were completed the team found the car to be about 3 seconds a lap faster than before so they hunkered down to climb out of their 28th place hole.  For the next 4 hours the #15 car was the second fastest car on track and managed to climb to a 19th place finish by race end. 

The #07 car had a similar race with several trips to the pits for repairs and ended up finishing 21st.

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